Airtel blocks video-sharing and torrent websites, citing a ‘court order’

The following websites are inaccessible since morning of 17th May 2012.(Tested on an Airtel connection in Hyderabad.)

Torrent sites:

Video sharing sites


The court order they are referring to is non complaint. Similar action was taken earlier this month by Reliance and MTNL. But Airtel has the largest market share as an ISP and it also has blocked the most number of websites.

Blocked on court order!

I think this ‘court order’ is just an excuse Airtel and others needed as the infrastructure they have is incapable of dealing with the traffic such websites attract. So instead of upgrading infrastructure they are taking the easy way out. I mean its understandable if they want to block torrent indexers but to block totally legitimate websites like Vimeo and DailyMotion shows its all about the bandwidth. Of course there will be a backlash to this. This isn’t China.


For the time being, use for your torrent needs as an alternative to the most popular(but now blocked)

Or use proxies. But its not about proxies or alternatives. Its about our rights. Internet is supposed to be free of any major form of limitation(government or otherwise).