Amazing Alex HD review


Rovio the maker of highly popular Angry Birds series, took a break from releasing another pig murdering game and launched Amazing Alex today(12th July 2012). Rovio purchased a game called Casey’s Contraptions, re branded it, added new graphics, levels, features and re released it as Amazing Alex.

Launch Trailer:



Amazing Alex (iPhone/iPod touch, $0.99)
Amazing Alex HD (iPad, $2.99)
Amazing Alex Premium (Google Play, Rs. 54.90)
Amazing Alex HD (Google Play, Rs. 165.82)
Amazing Alex Free (Google Play, Free)

I hated angry birds. I mean I didn’t actually hate it, but didn’t like it too much and never understood why the world was going crazy over it. But I like arcade physics games in general. I Purchased Amazing Alex HD for my Motorola Xoom almost immediately as it was available. After putting around 25 min into the game I can say, I am impressed.

The physics engine of the game is quite believable. The packaging and presentation looks nice. There is custom level builder and the ability to download and play custom levels. This is quite a feature.

There is star rewarding feature after every level, like in angry birds. But unlike in angry birds, you have to collected your stars in the level, rather than being awarded on the basis of your score. Oh BTW, there is no point based score.

Here are some screenshots of Amazing Alex HD on Xoom.

Main Menu:


Links to Amazing Alex Facebook, Twitter profile, Trailer in the right menu:


Sound mute/unmute and credits in the left menu:


When starting a new game, this is the background before the first level:


Note: Unable to capture in game screenshots. Almost makes this ‘review’ pointless, but ill update later with either a video or screenshots(if I find a workaround).

Level picker screens:



Environment picker screens:

Just like Angry Birds, each new environment, slightly changes the game dynamics and has its own set of levels in it. The previous two screenshots show the levels in ‘The Classroom’ environment.

Create custom levels:

The level creation tool is under ‘My Levels’ on the ‘chapter selection’ screen. It is kept locked until you’ve finished the first chapter – the Classroom – so you’ll need to finish up the game’s first 16 levels before you can start flexing your creative muscles.