App Digest – Android 001 – The essentials – Q4 2011

My list of absolute essential android apps to have:
Most of these have tablet optimized UI too (The same install looks different on phone/tablet)

  • Evernote – The ultimate super notepad, which you carry every where. Its available on multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, WP7 etc) and it keeps everything in sync via cloud. Its free.
  • Due Today – Its the best task management(day organizer) I found on android market. It too syncs ur tasks on cloud so that u can see/edit em anywhere, device independent. The sync in done via creation required, its free). The ad supported version of Due Today is free n ad free is around 150 Rs.
  • Tango – As skype ppl have been very lazy in implementing video calling on all android phones/tablets, this is an alternative. It recently released a PC version too(with the most functionally useless UI I have ever seen). Free.
  • Dolphin browser – An alternative to the default browser. They recently released a tablet optimized version, very well done.
  • Ez pdf reader – An excellent pdf reader with page turn animation. The ad free version is less than 100 Rs.
  • Repligo reader – Same as above, but without page turn animations n also its more expensive.
  • Saavn – Great for streaming bollywood songs. Ad supported, free.
  • Opera mini – Another alternative to the default browser. If you have low bandwidth connection, this will help you out. It has the fastest page load times.
  • Pulse – An amazing news aggregator app. It will download news/stories from your selected websites at a single place. Free.
  • News 360 – Same as above but a totally differnt approach to presentation. It has interesting widgets too. Free.
  • Google sky maps – An interesting idea.
  • Latitudes – If you wanna let your friends know where you are.
  • Google goggles – Augmented reality + Google search. Microsoft recently releases bing vision in response to this. (Note bing vision is integrated into WP7 mango devices and as of yet not available on android.)