Microsoft announces own brand tablets!


Microsoft finally announced 2 very promising tablets based upon Windows 8.

Out of the 2 tablets announced named Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 RT (for ARM) and Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 pro (for x86 hardware), the ARM based one is going to be released first and the x86 will follow 90 days later. There is no information on release dates other than the winter of 2012.


In my opinion, Microsoft Surface will give consumers a halo product (and another platform) to evaluate, which is necessary given the intense popularity of the iPad. At the very minimum, these two devices will set a benchmark for consumers to evaluate how Windows 8 tablets should behave, and the level of functionality they can expect. Given that poorly made windows tablets could damage the reputation of Windows 8 based tablets, Microsoft had to put a benchmark out there so that their hardware partners do a good job. Everybody remembers the netbook nightmare a few years ago, when such a thing was not done and horribly slow(underpowered) and poorly made(construction quality wise) netbooks with windows Vista + Intel Atom processor made humanity suffer.

Verdict: Microsoft shows hardware partners how its done.

Watching the entire keynote by Microsoft, announcing the products is highly recommended.

Microsoft Surface Keynote