Mid-range (sub30k) Gaming PC and HTPC Configurations–India, Q2,2012

I was recently asked to suggest a Desktop PC configuration that would fit well in a HTPC/Entry level PC gaming role.

My previous post explained why this is a bad time to be buying a laptop. If you are planning for a desktop PC, other than the doubled HDD pricing due to floods in Thailand, this is as good a time as any.

Sub 30K Gaming PC/HTPC config:

CPU Intel core i3 – 2120 7000 Good enough for the task.
Motherboard ASRock-H61M-DGS 16GB DDR3 3000 Any low priced H61 based motherboard will do.
RAM Transcend or Corsair value RAM 4 GB 1400 Performance RAMs like XMS and Vengeance will be bottlenecked on this configuration.
HDD 1 TB Seagate Barracuda 5200 Any decent HTPC would need 1 TB HDD, at least.
Graphics Card Zotac GTX 550 Ti 7800 A very capable Mid rang graphics card. Any 550 Ti chipset based card will do.
SMPS FPS SAGA II 500W 2500 Quite a decent PSU. Never skimp on the power supply. I and many others learnt this the hard way.
Case CM Elite 361 2300 A relatively low profile case for HTPC. You can choose any case you want.(with decent air flow for your graphics card)
Keyboard + Mouse Berklin C400 or Logitech MK 220 1200 Any 2.4Ghz wireless combo will do for a HTPC/Gaming PC hybrid. Serious Gamers will notice latency and should go for wired solutions.
Total   30400 This is a quote from online prices. Real world prices will be a bit lower.


To convert this into strictly a HTPC:

Skip the graphics card. As then the GPU built into the die of processor will kick in. But then you can forget about playing any serious games on your PC. This would bring down the cost to Rs 22600. You can then add a graphics card any time you want.

To convert this into strictly a Gaming PC:

Get a wired keyboard + mouse. Otherwise latency will bother you.

For a Gaming PC/HTPC hybrid:

Keep the configuration as is.