Running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 in a VM (Virtual Machine)

Installing Mac OS X in a VM is significantly easier than installing it natively on your PC. So if just need to use a particular Mac only program or just simply play with the Mac OS X for curiosity sake, its easier to do it in a VM.

The guide to natively install it on your PC and duel boot with Windows is here.


Things you would need:

1) A Computer with a processor capable of hardware virtualization

If you know if your processor has this ability or not, click here to download Intel’s processor identification utility. Download, install and run to see if VT-x is enabled.

VTX enabled

2) VMware workstation 8

This will run your VM. You can get the trail version here, or you could get the full version on your own. Download and install this.

3)  Incredibly well optimized Mac OX X 10.7.4 VM by Soul Dev Team

Torrent Download link: click here (4.1GB)

This torrent download could take some time. It has Mac OS X 10.7.4 VM image + some tools. The downloaded file will be compressed in 7zip format. Double click to extract. You should see the following folders:

Screenshot (18)

The Guide:

01)VMware workstation keeps the ability to install and run Mac OS X as a VM locked otherwise Apple lawyers will sue them to hell.

To unlock this open the extracted folder, go to the folder ‘VMware Unlocker – Mac OS X Guest’ –>’VMware 8.x Series’—>’VMware Workstation Unlocker – Windows’


Click on ‘install’. Right click and select run as admin from the menu. A cmd prompt window will appear and run the script to unlock VMware 8. Now your VMware is unlocked.

02) Earlier we checked if your processor is capable of hardware virtualization or not. Even if it is. Hardware virtualization is disabled by default. You need to go to BIOS and enable it.

Restart your system—> Keep tapping ‘del’ (Or F2 in some cases) while its powering on to get into BIOS—> Once in BIOS go to advanced tab and under CPU settings enable virtualization—> Save and exit

Your computer will restart. Now back to windows.

03) Open VMware workstation. Click on ‘Open a Virtual Machine’. Navigate to the folder ‘Mac OS X Lion’ and select ‘Mac OS X Lion.vmx’.

Edit the properties of your VM.

edit VM

04) If everything went ok your VM should power up. To improve the the resolution and display exit the VM. Click on ‘Edit virtual machine settings’ and attach the darwin.iso file to CD/DVD drive of working virtual machine. darwin.iso file is located under VMware Unlocker – Mac OS X GuestVMware 8.x SeriesTools in extracted location.

Screenshot (4)

That’s it. Enjoy your VM.

Disclaimer: The credit for the VM goes to Soul Dev Team. Visit their page on this, here.