Setting up SkyDrive (free cloud storage from Microsoft)

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What is SkyDrive? (Skip to the Next section, if you know what it is)

SkyDrive is free online storage provided by Microsoft. All your important/favorite documents, videos, photos, notes can now be accessed by you from anywhere on any device(any PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone). With SkyDrive you can gain true device independence. So that your work can continue even if you don’t have access to your primary computing device.

Example – For Documents:

I start working on a document on my Home desktop PC, after writing a paragraph or two, I close the document and leave for the office. Once at the office, I power up my Office PC or Laptop and continue working on the same document from exactly where I left off on my Home PC. When not in office, I can use my Phone/Tablet to update that document. There is no more saving and transferring of the document between devices. It’s just accessible from everywhere.

Example – For Photos:

Put all your important photos on the SkyDrive. So now all your photos can be accessed by you from any computer with a browser.

Sharing photos/documents on SkyDrive is easy. You can generate links for either a single document/photo/file or even an entire folder.

Setting up SkyDrive:

Step 0: Create a Hotmail account if you already don’t have a Hotmail or live account.
Step 1: Download SkyDrive for your PC or Mac from this link:




Step 2: Install SkyDrive.
Step 3: Put your files into SkyDrive.


a) Your SkyDrive folder will be pinned to your ‘favorites’ on the top left side of your Explorer Window.




b) Once you click on it, your SkyDrive folder will open up.



c) Simply Copy and Paste whatever you want here, just like you copy and paste in other folders.



d) Wait for SkyDrive to upload all your files.



Step 4: Now you can access you files from anywhere, on any device.

Simply go to

Sign into your Hotmail account..



Accessing your SkyDrive:

On your own PC or Mac:


On somebody else’s PC/Mac:

Use a web browser to go to

On android phones or tablets:

Either use the web browser and go to

Or use apps like Browser for SkyDrive, Android Explorer for SkyDrive.

Official SkyDrive app from Microsoft for android is coming soon.

On iPad and iPhone:

Either use the web browser and go to

Or use the official SkyDrive App from Microsoft

On Windows Phone:

In windows Phone, SkyDrive is deeply integrated. A guide to set up Office in Windows Phone is on its way.

You can use the official SkyDrive App from Microsoft.

Note: SkyDrive used to give 25GB of free storage to all Hotmail users since 2008. Unfortunately, very few people knew about this and thus most Hotmail users had their SkyDrive(s) empty. So beginning 2012, Microsoft reduced the storage space to 7GB for all new users and for the users who were hardly using the service.

Thankfully I already had 10+ GB of photos on SkyDrive so I, like may others retain my 25GB free storage.

Just like Dropbox, more storage space can be purchased from Microsoft, if needed.