Ultimate solution to bypass ISP block on your favorite websites

Recently Airtel, Reliance and MTNL made a sucker move and blocked a few websites. The last post was about a partial solution to bypass the block.

The absolute best way to bypass such blocks with 100% success is to use a VPN(Virtual Private Network). The easiest solution being a tiny freeware called Hotspot Shield.

1.) Download and install Hotspot Shield from hotspotshield.com

Dwm 2012-05-21 11-47-06-19

2.) Just run Hotspot Shield and let it establish connection to the server to which it would tunnel your data.

Dwm 2012-05-21 11-47-53-34

3.) Once the connection is established, you get your internet freedom back!

Dwm 2012-05-21 11-49-27-83

Note: You can close the Hotspot Shield popup seen above by clicking on the X. This wouldn’t shut down the program.

4.) Important Note: Start Hotspot Shield only when you need it and exit it once done. As the VPN tunnels every packet of data to its server first thus you would experience reduced internet browsing speeds and significantly reduced torrent download speeds.

To exit, open the menu in the taskbar near system clock, find Hotspot Shield, right click and exit.

Dwm 2012-05-21 11-49-41-33