What is Hackintosh?

Mac OS X is the Operating System(OS) that runs on Apple’s laptops and desktops. Its a UNIX based OS, but unlike other UNIX based desktop Operating Systems(e.g. Ubuntu,Fedora and hundreds of others), if you attempt to stick a Mac OS X installation disk into any computer that isn’t made by Apple, it simply won’t work. Apple goes out of its way to ensure that installing Mac OS X on a non Apple computer isn’t easy.

These limitations can be overcome by Hackintoshing. By tweaking the the installer of Mac OS X with some prebuilt tools (from the hackintosh community online), Mac OS X can be tricked(to put it simply) into thinking that its running on a Apple made computer. There isn’t any hacking or cracking involved! With a hackintosh that duel boots Windows and Mac OS X, you can have the best of both worlds without paying for the ridiculously overpriced Apple hardware.

hackintosh setup

Setting up a hackintosh isn’t a easy process. It usually requires significant research. But once a hackintosh is successfully established, PC operates like a genuine Apple computer. In fact even better, as in most cases its possible to build(or buy, in case of laptops) a PC more powerful than a comparable Mac for a little over half the cost.

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